Html Introduction

HTML Introduction

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Hyper Text means machine-readable text and Markup means to design it in a particular format, it is used to frame the web page, Browsers do not display the HTML tags, with the help of this HTML tag, you can communicate with the machine to interpret the content to the human-readable web page

Tag Explained

  • It determine this document to be HTML5.
  • The <html> </html> tag start or end tag of HTML web pages, is the root element of an HTML page, forward slash is used to close the tag.
  • The <head> </head> tag Between In this tag you can write about meta informatin about the whole page.
  • The title <title> </title> tag between In this tag you can specify title of the web page.
  • The  <body> </body> tag Between In this tag you can write the contains and browser manipulate and show the output.
  • The <p> </p> tag Between In this tag, you can write and see the paragraph it is used to defines a paragraph.

visually explain Element or Tag

Html Tag and Element


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